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Iruka, I think I need your help. . .

I think I have. . . houseguests.

Maybe they are housepests.

In any case, more information needs to be discovered about this problem before I decide what to do about them, ultimately.

. . . . . The maid is certainly off her rocker with happiness.

Naruto, if Clarice neds your help, do it.

Oh God, I chose a wonderful time to attempt to stop drinking.
Amazingly, I am still alive and clear of mind.


I thought a few of you might be interested in that fact. Was I wrong?

I have taken to staying in the library. Books don't hate me. Yet. I'm sure that will change.

I miss you.

. . . .

It was and is none of your business. The next person who. . . .

I am taking my bath and going back to bed. If anyone disturbs me. . . .

It was not worthwhile to get out of bed.

My head is like pain

Kakashi sits down to write a few letters, and have them delivered by hand via his butler. There are three today, each is sealed to ensure that it arrives to it's recipient untouched and unread.

To IrukaCollapse )

To the ColonelCollapse )

To Naruto UzumakiCollapse )

many things, big and small

I am quite lucid for now, as it is morning and I rarely chase away the pain with more of what made it hurt in the first place. These. . . headaches are apart of my penence as well, and this pain is easier to deal with then that of the heart.

Iruka is staying here while his home is invaded by Hayate's family, of whom I would like to meet, were I not in this state. People who know the sword as they do, and beautiful weapons, dangerous and graceful, would be good to talk to. Sadly, that they come at a time such as this is disheartening for me.

I know I should stop, but it won't go away unless I drown my sorrows.

Letter to NarutoCollapse )


It seems that in my life, great happiness is followed by the reminder of how that is something that is only imagined and passing.

I hope, dear lady, that you found your promises kept.

I wish not to think anymore.



Well, things are going well.

I hope everything is in order for tonight.

It should be.

It will be a good night.

Things. . .

Well, things are going. . . . strangly much better then usual.

I think Clarice suspects something is wrong, I havn't been as drunk as I usually am recently.

that might change the next time I see Anko

PrivateCollapse )

Unexpectedly happy

I've been in a very good mood since my cold left me, and I'm not sure why. Or, maybe I am sure, I just don't want to jinx it.

I must remember not to get so drunk I am falling over into gutters. At least not in the winter, because then I end up with a cold, and that is unplesant, to say the least.

I took my old saber to Hayate to get it restored, and bought a new one for sparring. When he is finished, I suppose we will have out first match.

I've started doing morning exersizes to try and get back into the swing of things with a sword. It's been quite invigorating. I'm enjoying myself.

That seemed like the strangest thing I have ever said.

Iruka OnlyCollapse )

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So many things to do. Or not. Mostly just reading to do.

no more cold

My cold is gone.

I'm actually smiling.

Something strange is going on.

But. . . .

PrivateCollapse )

Barring any further incidents with certain ghosts, I should be fine.

Well. I missed brandy.